About PC Doctor Online

Company Profile

PC Doctor Online® was founded in 1999 and is a leading nationwide provider of computer service, security and support over the Internet.

PC Doctor Online® pioneered the concept of remote support for home and business clients and in many locations we also offer on-site computer support. Our services include system security and online privacy solutions, hardware and software repairs and troubleshooting, wireless equipment and network installations, spyware and virus prevention and removal, data backups and transfers, and other forms of computer support that meet today's increasing demand. PC Doctor Online® technicians also serve as high-tech experts for news stories, and have been featured in various online blogs and hundreds of local newspapers and television stations in the cities where we work and live. PC Doctor Online® is dedicated to be your "One Stop Solution" for all of your computer service, security and support technology needs.

Company Facts

Company founded: 1999
Number of states: All 50
Customers serviced: over 300,000
Headquarters: Nationwide

We receive many requests for for background information about PC Doctor Online®, so we have developed this resource for the media at large. We have experts readily available to comment on a broad range of computer and technology topics, and our certified, trained, and tested technicians are frequently used in various print media.

Trusted Consulting

PC Doctor Online® has been the trusted computer service, security and support consultant for computer repair and IT Support to small business and residential customers across the United States since 1999. Whether your computer is slow, infected with spyware, viruses, or if you are looking for help managing your business IT systems PC Doctor Online® is your trusted partner.

Support Services

PC Doctor Online® is a complete technology service provider. There is no need for you to disconnect your computer and drag them to a repair shop. We will fix your problem, whether that involves sending a certified technician to your location on-site* our having our US based PC Doctor solve your problem over the Internet with remote support.  *On-site support available in limited areas.

Small and Medium Business Services

We understand that having an IT department is not practical for a business.  By utilizing PC Doctor Online® as your IT department you can grow your bottom line while keeping costs under control. Our PC Doctors are CompTia certified and PC Doctor Online® certified to stay on top of the ever changing world of technology. We work with you to create a solid technology foundation upon which you can build and manage your business. Your customer records, mailing lists, financial and legal data are important to you. Ask PC Doctor Online® how you can insure that your business information is backed up, safe, secure and available when you need it.

Home and Family Protection Services

Every year more people use the Internet to share information. From family photos and homework to banking and retirement planning there is no shortage of information on the internet. At the same time, destructive viruses and malicious software, spyware and identity theft runs rampant on the internet. Child predation on the Internet is growing at an alarming rate and social media services like Facebook®, Twitter®, Pintrest® and Instagram® opens the door and makes it easier to access your family. PC Doctor Online® have the knowledge and the tools to help keep your data and most importantly, your family safe as you become more reliant on Internet based technologies.